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perks faq
General questions about perks:
When will i get my perks?
You'll get your perks asap!

Once you sign up, your information will be received and we'll get to work on getting you your decal (depending on your address).  The weekly insights report will be distributed at the end of the week, and you'll have 24/7 access to the connection rolodex.
Are all rewards available in all countries?

However, the decal is subject to change.  If it gets unmanageable or too expensive to ship overseas, we'll dial it back and only offer the decal to US residents. 
how will you know where to send my perks?
When you become a Patron, you'll be asked for your address.  That info goes straight to us.
What if my address changes?
No problem!

Just send us an email to and we'll update your info.
What happens if the show ends?
First, I'll find Elvis and together we'll have a good cry.

Then, I'll make an announcement to all the Patrons of the unfortunate news.  They will be able to end their support for the show.

Then, I don't know.
Questions about specific perks:
Will i get a decal if I'm outside the uSA?
Yes, for the time being.

But if it gets too expensive or too difficult, we may restrict decals to US residents only.
how does the weekly guest insight report work?
At the end of the week, I'll synthesize all the greatest parts of the interviews and put them all in writing.

Then, i'll email that report to you.  Preparing you for action on Monday.
how will you send my weekly guest insights?
Via email.
if i get a shout-out, what will you say in it?
Ahh good question!

The truth is, it will be dependent on the guest and the energy of the show.  And how many Patrons there are.

But most times, I'm just going to talk about how much I appreciate you.
how do i suggest a guest?
As a 'Feed Josher' i'll send you a special link to suggest a guest.
And that's it! Any questions just email us at
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